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You know what I hate more than anything in the world?Oppression.You know what else I hate?The fact that those delicious looking japanese crepes just don’t exist in my side of America. The shit side. The jersey side. So I decided, fuckin hey, lets make my own crepes. For this though, y’all need to buy some fuckin crepe holders, or learn how to make your own, otherwise this shit’s gonna be hella hard to eat. Like…Titan vs. Levi hard to eat. It will get your hands sticky kill you before you eat it if you don’t get a crepe holder. So come on weebs, lets do this shit, lets make some fuckin crepes.~Crepe Cones with Radical Fillings(servings: about 5 crepes, so do with that what you will)
1/2 cup of Self-Rising flour
1 1/2 eggs*
1 cup of milk
1 Tbsp melted butter
1/2 Tbsp sugar
1 pinch of salt
*Break open one egg and beat it. Pour out half of the mixture. Add the other egg and that’s basically how you get to have 1 1/2 eggs. There is no mystical mysterious half egg out there friends, sorry.
Mix flour, sugar and salt together. Slowly beat in eggs, milk, and butter until all the lumps from the batter are gone. If there are some still, that sucks, but you’re not a failure so don’t cry about it you little shitbaby.
Let it stand for 15-30 minutes. Fuck if I know, all I know is that it tastes better when I do this.
About 5 minutes before you start cooking this shit, preheat a large non-stick frying pan and spray a little canola oil on it.
Use a ladle to add batter to the pan. You want to make this shit thin, so pour a little batter and then move the pan around so you can spread the batter all over the pan so that the crepe ends up circular.
Cook over medium-high heat until the bottom is a golden brown and the top is bubbling. 
Lift the edges of the crepe with your fingers (or some sort of tongs or a fork or whatever if you wanna be a basic bitch), and flip it over. Cook for about 30 seconds on that side and then place the finished crepe on a plate to cool. Repeat until all the batter’s gone.
~HOLY SHIT SON YOU JUST MADE CREPES DANG HON HON HON BONJOUR FROMAGE GURL YOU FRENCH AF.But it’s not over yet you dumb nerd, we still need to fill this ho up.that sounded really sexual. Anyway, here are some filling suggestions you can use:
Home-made whipped cream (if you use the canned stuff i’ll end you)
Sliced Strawberries
Hot Fudge Sauce
Chocolate Chips
The Blood of Your Enemies
Ice Cream
Marshmallow Fluff
idk a shit ton of other stuff god damn
~Tips on Assembly:
Place your filling on just a quarter of the crepe, otherwise shit gets weird and spilly. This especially goes for people who aren’t using a crepe holder. For people who do have crepe holders, you can go a teeny bit wild and maybe add the filling onto a third of the crepe. 
When folding, fold the crepe in half, with the center of the filling on the fold line (aka the middle of the fold. Then just sort of roll shit up, starting from the part with the filling until it turns into a cone like shape. Then just plop it in your crepe holder and you’re good to go.
~GUYSWE TOTALLY MADE CREPESSUCK IT JAPANI DONT NEED YOU TO FULFILL MY DELICIOUS CREPE DESIRESokay yes I do sorry japan you’re pretty cool I guess.Anyway, enjoy this crepe recipe, and if I see any of you eating this shit with canned whipped cream instead of the home made stuff I will literally come into your house and replace all your video games with CD’s of me singing and dancing to ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by Shakira. Truly a horrifying sight.ALRIGHT WELL PEACE OUT NERDS IM OuT